Saddle Choices Explained and FAQ

Saddle Options Explained & FAQ

Thanks for visiting Double C Saddlery we are the home of Bally Tack Australian Made Fender Saddles.

Before you begin reading through all the information about our saddles, i just wanted to reach out and say if you have any questions at all or are not sure what something might mean I’m here to help just give me a call on Candice 0418634839 

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How to measure seat size: 

If you currently have a saddle that fits you :

Measuring your Seat Size of your fender saddle is taken from the inside of the seat, which can also be known as the “Inner Seat Size”, to measure get a tape and go from point A the inside of the cantle to point B the inside of the swell in inches on your tape this will give you your inner seat size. See picture attached below

You can also watch our quick video on how to  measure  HERE

If you don't already have a saddle that fits you, please contact us on 0418634839 to discuss and we can run you through sizing.


How to choose Tree Type :

If you are currently riding in a fender you are happy with see picture below and with a tape in Inches measure from point A to Point B for the Gullet size


Our Standard gullets are

                                        Stock Horse tree : 5 1/2 in -5 3/4”in 

                                        Semi - QH tree:  6”in - 6 1/2” 

                                        Full- QH tree: 6 3/4” - 7”

If your horses does not fit into any of the above size gullets OR if you are ridding in a saddle but not sure if its the right fit for your horse , we can get custom trees made. 

We use a System of coreflute cards that get posted out in  mail to you along with a video on how to measure your horse. 

If you are local to our store you are welcome to bring your horse to be fitted also, give us a call to arrange a time 0418634839.


Leather Colour Options: 

We currently offer 3 different saddle colour option in all our ranges of saddles, the Chocolate- which is a reach deep brown, Chestnut - which has a nice orange/red tone to it and Light Tan- which is a nice golden untanned colour.


We also offer Seat colour options

You can choose to have the same colour as the above colours, or we do also offer different colour seats , this adds a unique two tone look and one of a kind personal touch to your custom order. 

These are the seat colours we have done so far , however there is over 50 colours I can do , so if you want  a colour just let me know on 0418634839

Top right and then down is : Pink , Turquoise , Purple, Light tan, Chocolate.



Fender Type :

I will firstly explained between the Pre-turned and Straight fender :  When you ride is a saddle your feet turn our slightly and you therefor end up with a pre-turned fender, you can choose to do this naturally yourself over time, OR choose to have the fender pre-turned before you get it. 

You might ask WHY ? well it does take time to pre-turn and can make your legs/ankles extra sore to do so, so if you are looking for comfort first up choose pre-turned or if you don’t mind the time go straight.


Fender Length:

To order the correct length measure your fenders you are currently riding in from point A to point B

Otherwise if you don't already have fenders to measure please send us through your inner leg length / also known as your jean size.


Seat Type:

You can choose to either go with a Roughout seat or Smooth out seat, this is very much a personal choice of how you like the saddle to look. However to help you decide here are a few reasons why people choose one over the other.

The SMOOTH OUT seat has a very classic look and stays the same tone throughout the saddle, people often choose this option for the show ring.

The ROUGH OUT seat has a two toned look and is great for grip in the seat , people often choose this for a work saddle as the seat gets less marks.


Hardware Options :

Choosing between Brass or Stainless Steel , here are a few reasons you might choose one over the other.

Brass is very classy, Brass will require polishing on a regular basis ,this is often used in the show ring

Stainless Steel is hardy and do not require any extra care, often used as on a work saddle.

 Additional Comments & Options :

 We can also do laser engraving designs onto your saddles , you can send us a design you want or we can work with you on designing something unique just for you. Custom laser can be left black or painted with colour ! 


Standard options on our saddles are the following: (if you require anything different please let us know, other options could increase price)

Rigging Type: Single Rigging

Lining Type: Felt lined 

 Fender Rigging: All our saddles come standard with the fenders swung on bars.

Hardware: Standard hardware is 4 dee rings on back plate of saddle and 2 breaching staples to clip or buckle your breastplate to.

Girth and Straps:  Nylon billet and Latigo straps with an anti gal girth.

Please reach out and contact Candice on 0418634839 if you have any questions 

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 Q: Do you offer payment plans on saddles ?

Yes, we sure do. We offer interest free plans with a $1,000 upfront then monthly payments, maximum term is 12mths.

Q: Does the saddles come mounted?

Yes , our saddles are delivered to you ready to ride with stirrups, girth and strapping.

 Q: How long is the wait time on a custom made saddle?

This can vary as it will depend on how many current orders we have, so it is best to contact us on ph/txt 0418634839 to ask.