Womens Boot Size Guide

Women’s Boots Sizing Guide

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*Ladies Boot Guide For Ariats*

Ladies Sizing (Foot Length): Guide Only 

The best way to determine the size you require for Ariat footwear is to measure from your heel to the tip of your biggest to. (barefoot) to give you the size you require. You also need to measure the widest part of your foot to determine your fit. All Ariat footwear sizes are universal across their entire ranges.

  • Size 5: 20cm
  • Size 5.5: 20.5cm
  • Size 6: 21cm
  • Size 6.5: 21.5cm
  • Size 7: 22cm
  • Size 7.5: 22.5cm
  • Size 8: 23cm
  • Size 8.5: 23.5cm
  • Size 9: 24cm
  • Size 9.5: 24.5cm
  • Size 10: 25cm
  • Size 10.5: 25.5cm
  • Size 11: 26cm

 Ladies Fit (Foot Width): Guide Only 

  • ‘B’ Standard Fit: Under 10.5cm        
  • ‘C’ Wide  Fit: Over 10.5cm


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