More Information About our Cattle Equipment

 Helpful Information about our Cattle Equipment and FAQ:

Q: Where is your Bally Tack Made?

A: All our Bally Tack is made in our workshop at Upper Lansdowne NSW , Australian owned and made 

Q: What size will the rope cattle halters fit ?

A: they will fit all sizes from calf up to bull as they are adjustable.


If you have any questions please reach out in the chat below , or call us on 0418634839


3 Reasons why we choose to use 100%  Aussie Made Polyester Rope rather then Nylon Rope;
1. Polyester has minimal stretch while Nylon is designed to stretched 20% in length. 
2. Nylon holds moisture easily causing it to mold, mildew, harden and powder which causes it to break down and not last long in outdoor weather.
While Polyester does not and in fact stays soft.
3. Polyester is low abrasion on your hands, while nylon gives you Rope Burn easily.
Which makes Polyester Rope perfect for outdoor use on Cattle 🐮

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Reasons why you might choose Brass or Stainless Steel Hardware for your Cattle Equipment 
- Brass is very classy, but it will require polishing on a regular basis ,this is often used in the show ring.
- Stainless Steel is hardy, does not require any extra care, often used as on everyday tack.
Both hardware's are extremely strong.